Victoria Group

Victoria Group is one of Serbia’s leading agribusiness companies and one of the largest producers, exporters and investors in both Serbia and the region. The Group is comprised of ten member companies, which are interlinked into one business system. Since its establishment, Victoria Group has strategically developed its core business in the agro-industry, which includes:

- Oilseeds and grain trade
- Processing of oilseeds and production of finished and semi-finished products for food and feed industries
- Production of animal feed, pharmaceutical products and biological products for veterinary medicine

Victoria Group’s significant share in agribusiness and the overall economy of Serbia has been achieved through its strategic approach to the agriculture industry, its commitment to the highest quality standards in all segments of its business activities, its continuous investments and the cutting-edge technologies it employs in its production system. Since its establishment in 2001, the Group has constantly grown and developed, and consistently pursued its vision of becoming the region’s leader in agro-industry. Nowadays, Victoria Group employs 1,500 people in 8 local communities. As a reliable partner, Victoria Group  cooperates successfully with more than 40,000 farmers through 300 cooperatives.

The Group has invested over €250 million in Serbia in the development of its production capacities and technology. The sales results achieved on foreign markets position Victoria Group among Serbia's largest net exporters. The Group’s products are sold in 53 countries across the world, and as much as 80% of its products are exported to European Union.

Victoria Group invests significant funds and resources to socially responsible activities – from agricultural development and support to farmers to environmental protection and local community development. Over the past five years, the company donated €2 million in financial aid to over 1,000 different organizations and individuals.