Transhipment of goods is done by the gantry crane GANZ 6/12, mobile port crane SENNEBOGEN and floating crane SCHWIMMKRAN 3. Port Bačka Palanka provides reloading services for all kinds of bulk and general cargo:

  • Bulk commodities - cereals, oilseeds, soy and sunflower meal, mineral fertilizer, gravel, industrial plants etc.
  • Ferrous metallurgy products packaged in: coils, bars, bales, tied up in ribbons.
  • Heavy loads – machinery and machine parts (individual weight 3-12 t)
  • Various packed individual cargos:
    - Tereti u sanducima i paketima (do 3 t)
    - Tereti u balama i vezama (do 3 t)
    - Tereti u buradima (do 1000 kg)
    - Tereti u vrećama (10-100 kg)
    - Ostali komadni tereti (do 3 t)
    - Tereti na paletama (do 2 t)
  • Wood and wood products